Daniel Mondekar

Bridging Brussels and South East Europe in Advocacy and Visibility campaigns

EU Affairs expert with experience covering areas of public policy and decision making process in the EU and SEE with more than 15 years of professional and activist experience in EU policies and EU integration gained in Brussels and Zagreb. As a Member of Parliament (2008 – 2016) he was directly involved in the complex process of the Croatian preparation for the EU accession and oversight of the Governmental work in the EU Institutions after accession. In 2011 Daniel spent several months in European Parliament as an observer in the political group. He was also involved in the work of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and Joint Parliamentary Committee with European Parliament. He has excellent understanding of the internal structures of EU institutions, European political parties, functioning of national EU coordination systems and deep insight in to the legislative procedures in Brussels and the role of expert working groups and advocacy groups in decision making process. As a Chairman of the EU Affairs Committee Daniel worked on harmonization of legislation with the EU, co-creating the new European legislation, holding public consultations, communicating EU and its policies in the SEE region (e.g. Trade Policy, Digital Single Market, CAP, Future of EU, Energy Union, Enlargement policy, Regional policy, Better regulation etc.) and holding various training on EU affairs, its policies and lobbying in the EU. . Through his political career and later expert missions Daniel has gained excellent knowledge of the Balkans (including political, administrative and economic context), state of play on Implementation of Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) and EU enlargement process. Since leaving the Parliament Daniel has worked on several EU projects in the region helping with the harmonization process, structural reforms and advocacy activities.

Zrinjevac 2, Zagreb, Croatia | +385 1 7100 021